Seven Sydnor

61qkvcv+0rl._us230_Seven Sydnor is a self-published author of novels and short stories. He began his career in writing in 2005 after trading in his basketball sneakers for a pen and pad, and the desire to create worlds took off. Early in his writing journey, he learned there was more than just putting an idea to paper, you had to read. Now, he lives in the pages, occasionally taking breaks for Netflix or Game of Thrones.
He lives in Northern California collecting an unhealthy amount of movies and graphic novels. The characters of his fantasy series, The Legends of the World, take most of his time when he’s not coaching high school basketball.

“I don’t expect to get rich from my novels and shorts, but I expect to stamp the world with my presence. So, long after I’m gone, my stories will LIVE. Happiness is the key to a long & healthy life, and writing keeps me happy…as long as there’s coffee.”

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